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After Midnight

Ya know, I don’t know what it is, but lately I find I can’t draw a straight line anymore, to save my life. O.o Finally getting a bit more productive, though. Editing and cleaning up this seven-series commission, at nearly 1am. I probably won’t go to bed until 3am or so. It’s times like these I’m glad I work in the late afternoons on weekdays. :} At least these are nearly ready for inking. I’m actually a bit surprised that I seem to be getting back on top of my workload, at a decent speed. I should have everything I need done ready before I leave for Furry Weekend Atlanta. :)

Also, nothing beats a nice little midnight snack. Fresh bread (given to me by iron_raptor… Thanks hon! ^^) with butter, some toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam, a cup of hot coffee, and an apple cinnamon desert cup. Mmmmm… ^^ Yup. I’m a happy wolfy! *grins and wags*
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