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I Can DO It Myself!!!

So we have a new vet technician at work, temporarily, I’m told. Not been a very good month, so far, with one of our techs quitting after eight years of work. And our second tech got into a horse riding accident a month back, and broke her hip. She’s now in the hospital for goodness knows how long. X.x I hope she’s well soon. We all miss her here at the vet clinic.

This new guy… now, I know he’s new and all, but he kinda really pissed me off yesterday. It’s one thing to be on a slightly higher status level at work, as far as your title goes. But dammit all to hell, I REALLY don’t like it when someone who’s been working at a place for three bloody weeks thinks that they can tell me how to do my freakin’ job. >.<

For example, last night I came in, and found him sitting on a stool reading. I see him doing that an awful lot. So I immediately start getting to work. First thing I see is a kennel that needs to be cleaned, because the animal had gone home. Before I can even grab a spray bottle, he stops me and says, “Oh, I’ll clean that in just a second.” I said, “Uh... no, it’s okay. I’ll do it now. This is part of my job.”

Later I grabbed a new bag of litter. It’s the clay stuff, so the bag is rather heavy, but I’m used to it, and I’ve been doing it by myself for ages now. He again, gets up from his reading and comes over, saying he’ll do it. I said, “No thanks, it’s okay. I can do it.” I appreciate his help, but it’s really not hard for me to do it myself. But he comes RIGHT up to me anyway, pretty much grabbing the bag from me. I tried pulling it back, again saying I can do it. I don’t need help. But he keeps pushing anyway. So I just let him take the bag, none all too happy that he’s now forcefully getting all into my face like that. Made me wanna scream at the guy, because I felt he was being very rude in not listening to me after I told him multiple times that I don’t need his help. >.<

Again, later on, I’m making up food and medication. He gets up from his reading once more, and comes RIGHT up to me, (guy has no sense of personal space whatsoever!) and starts asking me who the food and meds are for. Again, I told him, “I can do it, don’t worry. This is my job. Please just let me do my job, thanks.” That time he finally started to take a hint, and left me alone. But I tried my best to avoid him for the rest of the night. :/

Now, I’m sure his intention isn’t to make me feel like an absolute moron, and that he’s only trying to help me out. But when I have to tell a person more than three times to just leave me alone, so that I can do my job… yeah, it kind of annoys me just a bit. But I will admit, I am the very proud and stubborn type, when it comes to my job. If I needed help, though, I’d ask for it. I may be small, but I’m capable of doing more than most people would think. I’ve been working there for seven months. I KNOW my damn job, and I do it very well. And people who do what this guy did to me, really makes me feel like he thinks I’m some sort of idiot. I really hope that after yesterday, he’ll have a bit more faith in me, and just let me do my thing.
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