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Doom, Doom, Doom... And Art!

Yep... that overwhelming feeling of doom that just lingers over your head like a dark cloud... I feel like the sky's going too fall on me, these days. >.<

In other news, barely a month until Furry Weekend Atlanta!!! I SO can't wait!! ^^ I get to see all of my friends and stuff again, so yay! :) Really looking forward to seeing you all again. Yep. And getting closer to finishing most of my commissions now. Hopefully they'll all be done before I have to leave for the con.

Also, to all of you who have already bought commissions off of me, but who are still on hold, (haven't decided what you'd like drawn yet) I'll ask if you could please try to figure it out by the end of February. I'll only be accepting a few additional commissions at FWA, but after those, I would really just like to finish ALL of the art that is owed to people as soon as I can. Once those are done, I'm going to take a little break from commissions, and will probably not accept any more, until Anthrocon05. I'm just getting a little burnt out finally, and really need a break. I'd really just like to get back to drawing gift pieces, and working on my own personal art again.

So, yep! To delphi_of_clf, huscoon, marc_crevan, and Wedingowolf... I need you guys to have your descriptions for me by the end of next month, if you could, please!

That is all. Move along. ;)
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