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Just Some Randomness In The Life Of Jessie

~I got up early to work at the kennel today. We only have 40 dogs now, so it all went by rather quickly! ^^ I also got to bath a few dogs. I enjoy bathing and brushing out the dogs. I think this is my last week working there. Which will be good, because then I can get back into a regular sleeping pattern.

~While I was on the bus, I looked out the window, and saw a black squirrel with a large white tip on its tail. O.o It looked like I fox-squirrel!

~I was actually able to take a nap in between work shifts today!! Whoo!

~I found myself eating a bowl of spaghetti sauce. Just the meat sauce. And coffee. Dear gods, I need a better diet. O.o

~A nice couple came to look at Chance the other day. They brought their puppy along, and the two dogs seemed to get along really well. I think they may actually want to adopt him! Here’s hoping! :-D

~ Starting to feel all lovey dovey and stuff, and I’m eager for Valentine’s Day. ^^ I love that holiday. That, and Halloween, are my two favorites. *grins*

~Solon came for a quick visit today, to pick up some of his mail, and stuff. Wish I had some more time to hang with him a bit, but... I have to go back to work now... O.o

That’s all for now!
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