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I found out today from my mom, that Blue, my Siamese cat, died this past Thursday. Needless to say, the news rather shocked me. I had gone to see her just a couple of days before, and she had seemed fine. I laid back and sat her on my tummy, and gave her pets, and she purred and loved me just the way she always did, for twelve long years of her life. I did notice she was getting a bit thin, but she’d been acting just like herself, and showed no real signs that anything was wrong. But she apparently went downhill very suddenly, and the vets didn’t even know what was wrong with her. My mom spent a bunch of money on blood tests, when it was too late to do anything more for her anyway. So Blue’s gone now, and my mom couldn’t bear to tell me about it until just tonight.

I miss her. She was my first kitty, and the oldest cat in our house. I remember when we got her, at the last house we lived in. We got her from a breeder, at five months old. And when she first came into our house, she hid, and hated everyone for a very long time. But then, when she finally decided to come around, she liked me the best. I was the only one who could pet her, or pick her up. I used to give her the really fuzzy pipe cleaners to play with, (she LOVED those things!) and she used to sleep in my bed with me when we lived at the old house. My kitty. I’ll miss her so much...

I went into the computer room to spend some time with Babe today. I pet her for a very long time, and babied her, and she mewed and rubbed, and purred. I’m glad I brought her home from the vet clinic that day, and saved her from being put to sleep. I think she knew what was going to happen to her, and I think she’s grateful for being here today. She always has a lot to say. :) I sometimes wish I knew what they were saying. I can read dogs so much better than I can read cats. O.o

When I left Babe’s room, Toby, the other girl I saved, was the first to come running to me, also mewing, and talking her heart out to me. I love them both. And well, I was responsible for bringing those two into our house. Sometimes I ponder on taking the two of them with me whenever I move out of here… but then I always have second thoughts. Every cat I’ve ever specifically grown really attached to, have left me one way or another. And most of them were very young. I don’t think I want any more cats, after loosing every one I’ve ever loved. :/

Even my dogs… I was looking at Dakota the other day, and realizing just how old he’s starting to look. And he’s only six! Barkley is now eight. They’re both getting older. I was trying to imagine what it might have been like if I had had two other dogs, instead of the two I already have, and I couldn’t even picture it in my mind. I tried thinking even once they’re both gone, if I would actually get another one. I always said I’d have at least one dog. But lately, I’ve been thinking more and more… I think once all of my pets are gone, I may not get anymore for a little while… :/

Thanks for talking with me these past few days, fiskblack. It’s really meant a lot to me. At least you’re one kitty who will still be around for a while to come. :} *hugs*
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