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I Absolutely LOVE My Carpet!!

I have a dark forest green carpet in my room. It’s nice, and thick, and lush. In fact it’s the BEST carpet in the house (not to mention the most expensive one, too). Over the years I’ve lived in this basement apartment, my carpet has been through hell and back. Everything from puke, to pee and poop. Any accident you can think of. It even survived a major flood we had a few years back, where nearly everything in my room got destroyed, including a few large portfolios of my old high school art projects. My carpet was soaked for two weeks, even after going over it numerous times with the carpet cleaner, and sucking as much water out of it as I could. My walls were so damaged, I literally had mushrooms growing out of them, on one side. O.o

But even after so many years of damage, my carpet still looks GREAT to this very day. Not a stain, because of its dark green color. It’s still quite cushy. And, well, apart from it smelling like dog fur until I get around to vacuuming it, it still smells like a carpet should smell, overall. :-P

So, today when I got home from work, I walked into my room, and found a huge mess of diarrhea and vomit, ALL over my room. O.o I have to keep Calvin and Barkley locked in my room during the day, because otherwise the new puppy, Chance, (who we’re desperately trying to find a home for!!) will start fights with them. But since Barkley’s stuck in his crate, it was Calvin who must have just been violently ill that morning. And so yeah… massive mess all over my carpet. >.<

After I had left my room, and let all the dogs out, I stopped to gather my thoughts from seeing the shocking state of my room. I figured, maybe I hadn’t seen what I had seen… maybe the damage wasn’t QUITE as bad as I thought it was… I was wrong. I surveyed the damage, and after finally accepting the state of my room, I got to cleaning, and scrubbing like MAD! It took me almost an hour to get everything in order again.

So now my carpet is once again scrubbed clean, vacuumed, and smelling like deodorizer. I lit some incense, did some laundry, and turned my heater up full blast. So by the time I get home again from my second shift at work, my carpet should be dry, my bed sheets clean, and everything as good as new. :)

So to my carpet I say, thank you for being such an AWESOME thing. I ADORE you!!
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