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I'm A Working Breed Of Canine. Yup.

Started working at the kennel again, on Monday. Just for the holiday season though. I know they get really booked up around this time of year, so I asked my old boss if they needed any help, and she said she'd have some work for me for the next couple of weeks. I think I'm only going to be working for them until the first week of January or so.

So this is me getting used to waking up at 6am every morning again. O.o Yeah... had to get up at 5:30 this morning to make it in earlier, because we had a massive snow/ice storm today, and we had like ten people outside this morning, shoveling the runs for hours. We didn't manage to start our first change until like... 9am. Didn't finish until noon.

Was rough, and tomorrow will be just as rough, but at least I'm only helping them out for first change. Then I have to hop on a bus back home, (takes about an hour) and maybe have time to take a short nap, eat a quick something, and then I'm off to work at the vet clinic for 3pm, till closing. :-P I haven't had much time at all to work on commissions, since by the time I get home, I only have about three hours to get changed, feed dogs, do some other chores around the house, feed myself... And all in the hopes that I will actually get to bed by midnight. Which rarely ever happens.

So I've been working off of about 4-5 hours of sleep each night, for the past week, while working a LOT of heavy physical labor. And for a person as teeny as me, that's a big deal! O.o I'm actually handling it better than I thought I would, though. Not so bad. I kinda like working at the kennel again. All new staff there this time around, and they're not all assholes either! ;) That's a big bonus.

So yeah. I'm a busy little wolf this Holiday Season (well... actually, when am I not busy, these days?). But at least that'll be putting a little extra cash in my pocket. So it's all good. :) The extra work will pay for my flight to Furry Weekend Atlanta, since pat_the_fox informed me last night that they've cut ticket prices from the original $500, to $270!! I'm like, damn! We're booking our flight this week. :) And Bluey's gonna come with, since she wants a little vacation, and she's never flown before, and she wants to. I'm still deathly scared of flying, but with a friend beside me, it's not so bad.

So there you have it. Happy Holidays to everyone! ^^
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