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*CRIES!!!* - Jessie T. Wolf — LiveJournal
December 17th, 2004
02:24 am


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Date:December 18th, 2004 01:59 am (UTC)
"Damage can build character too. =)"

I'm tired of so much "damage". >.<

"Jessie tends to be extremely emotional at times, so I'm not going to worry about her until she calms down and figures things out rationally"

Like I said, I was using my Journal to express my emotions at the time, no matter how extreme they may be... that's what I use my LJ for at times. I need it. X.x I'm upset, yes. I'm calmer now, but I'm still HUGELY upset, and disappointed in people's lack of respect for privacy. And now that I have my head back on straight, I'm looking into trying to track down the culprit, and making sure they pay. >.<

"And, no matter what got "out" about her.. assuming it's nothing that would cause legal issues, her friends will still stand by her and any extra gossip will just die out on it's own."

What got "out" wasn't just about me... it was also about someone very close to me, who didn't deserve this. Yes, it will blow over eventually. Rumors will turn into old news soon enough. It's not going to KILL me, or the other person involved... but it still sucks. Like, a lot. I mean honestly... I'm sure if someone had somehow gotten ahold of important, and PRIVATE chat logs between you and someone you care about, and then posted them publicly all over the Net... you'd be a bit upset too. >.< People... and I don't know how... but somehow HUNDREDS of people have read personal conversations of mine, and distributed them to others, downloading them through Bit Torrent, and posting them up on websites. And if there weren't certain politics involved, I wouldn't be quite as distraught. True, it's happened and I can't do much about it now. But yeah, I'm upset... but I'm looking into just what kind of backtracing I can do, to try and find out who would do something this sick. And yes, you're right... I do have many people willing to help me out, and I'm exremely grateful for that. I'm glad I have so many friends willing to help. <:}
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