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Okay, so I’ve decided to make a little list here, a la huskie666 style, as to what my commission progress is looking like right now. Not so much for me, because I keep my own list in a little notebook. But this is just so that other people can see whereabouts theirs is right now. These are posted in the order I’m doing them in. Okay, so here we go:

nauta, yours is done. Just need to scan and send you an e-mail, and get your mailing address info, please. :)

speedyscar, just waiting to hear back from you, if you’re okay with the edits. Will start your good ink and color as soon as you give the okay.

Noventa, I’ll get a rough sketch out to you at some point tonight.

Joshua, I’ll have your rough Scarlet and Atma sketches out to you asap, most likely by this weekend.

Anupar, will get a sketch out to you soon.

Jawara Pitmann, will start the roughs of your seven series pieces as soon as I receive half your payment.

delphi_of_clf, still waiting to hear your description.

huscoon, still waiting to hear back from you as well.

bemanidog, I’ll get yours started next month, and still keeping an eye out for your payment. I’ll hand yours to you personally at Furry Weekend Atlanta. :)

Smblion, I’ve not forgotten about the AC05 dance flyers. :-P I’ll probably get the roughs of those started next month. Need to finish what’s on my plate first.

Still On Hold:

Sevlow (though, I have one of your two done already).

Wedingowolf. Still need a description. Will get yours started in my next batch of ‘mishes.

marc_crevan, will do yours with my next batch as well, if you can get a description to me by then. :)

gryph0n, I’ll get some sketches of… err… whatever it is you want, whenever I have the time? O.o

I’ll be able to take a few more commissions at Furry Weekend Atlanta, ONLY. Not accepting anymore private commissions, probably until about April or so. Now, back to work! *draw, scribble, color, draw*
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