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Vacation Report Part 2!

A little late, but, meh. *shrugs* I got back home on Tuesday afternoon, just in time to go home and clean a bit, and then run to work. I was late coming in because my original flight from Arkansas to Chicago got canceled due to bad weather, but they rescheduled my noon flight to 6:30pm instead. I swear, after Furry Weekend Atlanta, if I never have to take another plane again, I’ll be SO happy, because planes scare the living jeebies out of me. >.< But there was a nice lady sitting beside me who talked with me during the whole one-hour flight, and she helped me take my mind off of things. :} She was nice. And thankfully when Chris picked me up from the airport, Bluey was still with him! So I still got to take the bus home with her, which made me happy. :)

Anyway, my last few days at the NARFA Cube rocked, and I miss you guys already!! Thursday I went with 2_gryphon to his mom’s place for Thanksgiving, and it was really nice to meet his family. :) His mom is a nice lady who also has a lot of cats, though not quite as many as we do, and they’re all outdoors. I met 2’s aunt, sister, and his brother for the second time. He’s pretty cool, and the both of them were torturing me with pillows and tickles by the end of the night. EVIL!!! And I met 2’s granddad, and he’s like this 82-year-old dude who talks a lot, and he asked me a whole bunch of questions while I was there (midway through, the Momma Gryph pulled 2 aside and told him to go save me from his granddad). :-P He was nice though, and he thought I was cute and told me I have to come back and visit again soon. ^^

We also went to this shopping area called The Square, which is this attraction around Christmas time. They had EVERYTHING done up all pretty with lights. Like… EVERYWHERE. The buildings, the lamp posts, the trees... you could not step anywhere that did not have a bunch of lights all wrapped around it. It was really pretty walking through all of that. ^^ Kinda romantic even. :) Except for all of the sappy Christmas music…

Friday we did the 2Sense thing with prismo, and I did the show’s countdown in that sexy bomb countdown voice for kicks before the show started. “T-minus 60 seconds until complete ass-bleeding.” Yeah, that was the Gryph’s idea. :} The show was cool though, and their top story was the McRib has come back to McDonalds. They’re pretty good actually, and I usually hate McDick’s food. X.x

Then on Saturday I went with jakebe and company to see Spongebob Squarepants the movie. Yeah, I know, I know. :-P But it was actually FUNNY!! That, or we’re just really sick, because we were the only people laughing our asses off at the back of the theatre. Even the kids were looking at us like we were nuts. :-P It was great. ^^ And afterwards we went out for Chinese food. Yee. :-D Also went with Aubrin to PetSmart to watch him feed the little baby parrot that he’s getting. He was cute! Then later that night I actually crept upstairs to the Weekly Beating at Ryngs Raccoon’s place to make a brief appearance and say hi to people I didn’t get a chance to earlier in the week. Sorry for hiding all week you guys! I still get shy. I’m working on it though!

But then Sunday was the bestest day EVAR! 2 decided that he was going to take me to this Safari place in Oklahoma. It was about a two-hour drive, but it was well worth it! 2 knew the guy who ran the place, from when he attended Oklacon, and so the guy, Kurt, let us in as guests for the day. It’s a sanctuary for exotic animals who were once pets, but who got dumped. They can’t go back to the wild, so they come here. There were lions and tigers and bears, (oh my!) and bobcats, wolves, crocodiles, a huge turtle, lots of exotic birds and snakes, and a bunch of other animals!

But the best part was that we actually got to go INTO the cages with some of the animals and play with them! I was like, OMFG! We got to feed some lions, and a huge 900lbs Liger some frozen chicken legs through a chain-link fence (the only thing separating you from the animals at this place). But then later, we actually got to go into a cage with two cougars, and pet them, and I got munched on a little bit by one cougar, but he wasn’t rough or anything. Went into a cage with two HUGE female Siberian tigers, and let me tell you, after doing that, going into a cage with a bobcat seems like nothing. The bobcat was just a kitten in comparison to these big cats. O.o 2 was even really nervous about meeting a tiger face to face, and I don’t blame him! I can’t believe _I_ managed to muster up the nerve to do it, too!

I think the best part though, was getting to go into the wolf pen. *GRINS* I felt so comfortable in there. Met a big old Tundra wolf named Riggs, and a smaller British Columbian wolf named Raven. She was sweet, and she gave me kisses. :) Riggs was a big suck who just rolled on his side so that we could give him tummy rubs. They had another larger pack there too, of about ten timber wolves. I love listening to them howl. ^^ *wags*

Of all the animals that we got to interact with, the baby black spotted leopard was the cutest. :) 2 got to feed him a bottle, too. He was a sweet little thing. ^^ And even after going into cages with a bunch of huge wild animals that could have eaten us whole, the one that caused the most damage was an African Grey Parrot who bit 2 on the finger. :-P It was an accident, but he took a pretty good chunk of the Gryph. My poor birdy. Least he got a souvenir. ;) Kurt also gave 2 one of the Tiger’s whiskers, and he gave me a little vile of wolf fur to take home with me. :) It was a great visit!

So now I’m back home, getting back into the work routine, and getting all of my commissions from MFF started. I hope to have most of them done by Christmas, so that I can have January, and the beginning of February to get artwork done for Furry Weekend Atlanta. So to all of my friends, I DID make it home safely! And if you don’t see me around very much at all this month, it’s because I have a LOT of work to get done, and am trying to keep focused, as I get distracted way too easily. X.x So sorry in advance. I’ll be around again soon-ish, hopefully. *hugs to all of her friends!*

Back to work!
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