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So my auction closed sometime early yesterday, and it actually made it to its $100 bid! Yay! ^^ So there you go, pat_the_fox! Glad I could help you out a bit. :)

So this means that after doing the MFF con thing, and visiting my birdy again, for Thanksgiving, I’ll have to get started on the commission half of the auction. Got a new notepad to write down and keep track of all of my current ‘mishes, and I’ll probably be getting some more while I’m at the con. So unless I’ve already promised you a commish, I won’t be taking anymore until April. X.x

Also went to the Art Emporium by my house to get some more erasers and blue sketching pencils, cos mine’s all tiny now. I love that old Art Emporium dude. ^^ He’s such a nice old guy, and he has a great sense of humor. :) Whenever Blue and I would go to get art supplies from him, he’d always give us a discount. Last time I went in to get some matte board so that I could finish the three pieces I’m putting up in the MFF Art Show this year, the guy was really nice and just gave the board to me. I was all like, “Awww… but I have to pay you!!” and he said not to worry about it, since I come in and buy stuff from him all of the time. He said the next time I come in with some artwork to get professionally matted and framed, THEN I could pay him. :-P

I really like these little individually owned businesses. They tend to be a lot more friendly and personal with their customers. I should really draw him a pic sometime, just for always being so nice to me and my friends whenever we go there.

Back to work for me! Got three days to finish art! *rushes!* X.x
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