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So I went to the movies with the usual Furry bunch last night. Bluey was in the city, and Lex came to pick me up, along with Iron Raptor, Hiker and Av. We met Steve, Tony and company at the Mr. Greek’s restaurant beside the theatre where most of us ordered take-out, and then headed straight to the movie. We saw The Incredibles, and I must say it was pretty incredible. ;) Made me laugh quite hard a good few times, which is always a good thing. :) Best quote of the night came before the movie though, while we were all getting snacks and drinks:

Hiker: I would like four dollars worth of Ice Sucky!

Vendor: What flavor?

Hiker: Blue!

*LOL* I love how Blue has become a flavor. ^^ *grins and wags* Had a fun night. :)

This morning I woke up and went to work for an hour. Then I came home and took my boys out for a walk. Met up with some other people in the park with their dogs. It’s nice having a Dog Park here. :) They’d never seen my two before, and I got the usual comments I hear. A lot of people think that Barkley looks like a wolf, and they were amazed at how nice and big he was. A lot of people have said the same thing, which I always find kind of funny seeing as how I never see it. Barks just looks like a Shepherd to me. And I’ve seen bigger Sheps than him before, like Maverick who lives just across the street. But I’m still glad that people like him. ^^ And Dakota always gets commented on how pretty and fuzzy he is. :-D Both my boys are handsome devils. ;)

Barks is laying beside me right now chomping on a big knucklebone that Calvin’s owner brought for the dogs yesterday. She bought like five boxes of large dog bone cookies, six packs of the Beggin’ Strips, and three packs of knucklebones. They all got pampered with treats this morning. I love my dogs. ^^ Can’t imagine never having a dog. :)
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