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Out With The Old, And In With The New

So we got new furniture today!! Well, slightly used, but newer furniture anyway! :) I spent most of last night helping my mom take out the old big clunky couch and chair, since they’d both been brutally destroyed by the animals. They really reeked too, so our living room smells SO much better now that they’re gone! I moved some of our other furniture around a bit to better accommodate the two new couches. Yay for cheap Ikea furniture. :-P I really like the way it looks! The room looks a LOT bigger now, and we can seat more people. :) *wags* And now I won’t be as embarrassed to have friends over in the upstairs portion of our house. X.x The cats seem happier too, now that they have new furniture to try and destroy.

Also, I’m now beginning to train the dogs to stay off the couches. When they were all crappy and falling apart anyway, I didn’t care. But now that they’re new, the boys are going to have to learn to stay off. Besides, when I eventually move, I would have had to teach them to stay off anyway. It’s a bad habit. They get cookies for being good though. ^^

Today, Babe and Toby were put out into the general population. Toby is running around hissing at everything that moves, and crying at me to let her back in the basement again. Babe is staying huddled quietly in a corner, looking very perplexed and slightly shocked, but she’s still being affectionate with my mom and I. I feel kind of bad just shoving them out there with the others, but just like all of the other cats that have come here over the years, they’ll adjust within a couple of weeks.

So this week has been a week of change and lots of new things. We’ll see where things go from here.
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