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The Weekend...

Well, this weekend has been a very full one indeed. :) Last night I went with pat_the_fox and iron_raptor over to Potoroo and Verec’s place for silfur’s Going Away party, since he moved to Vancouver today. It was a good party. A lot of familiar furs showed up, as well as many who I’d never met before. Silfur had a pile of things that he was going to throw out, so he left stuff for people to look through and take if they wanted them. I ended up with a couple of wolf calendars, a few books, and a GIANT plush bunny, who was dubbed “Mr. Giant Bunny” (hey jakebe!).

I had fun, and I drew a pic for Silfur in Crayola crayons, and got everyone there to sign it. I’m really going to miss him. :/ Won’t see him for a good long while, and even then it’ll probably be only at the odd convention that I’m actually able to attend this year. He’s been a good friend when myself and other friends have been in need, was always a great guy to talk to about anything at all, and was just fun and silly to hang with. And really snuggable. ;) Good luck with your move, Silfur! We’ll all miss you! *HUGS*

Today was rather busy as well. I went to work in the morning, and then after work took a nap for a bit. Then woke up, did laundry, and started sorting out the things in our basement fridge, since Solon moved out last night and he still had a bunch of stuff left over in there. Actually, he still has a lot of his belongings here, which he’ll have to pick up slowly. But for the time being, the stuff in the fridge REALLY needed looking through, because otherwise it would all just spoil. So I ended up having to throw out about half of it, leftovers, and stuff that was molding… I just cleared out the whole fridge and actually scrubbed the darn thing totally clean, because it needed it BADLY. X.x Then what was salvageable I put pack, or put in containers in the freezer, and what we could we ended up taking upstairs to cook for dinner.

Since Raptor has been over all weekend, he went to the grocery store to get some chicken, and then we used as much of the vegetables from downstairs that we could to make fried rice. Rap made enough to feed me, my mom, and my sister, and himself twice, with a bit left over. :-P And so in the fridge we still have like two bags of potatoes, a bag of onions, like three broccolis, a cauliflower, celery, a bunch of condiments, three bottle of booze, and a large can of apple juice. And some Indian rice, and a bunch of tea and spices in the cupboards. I hope that when Solon actually does come back that he’ll be able to take some of his food with him, otherwise I’m going to have to start looking for good recipes to finish off what’s left so that it doesn’t spoil. O.o

Cleaning feels sooo very good. :} Especially the messier something is, the better I feel once it’s all clean. Ahhh… clean is gooood. ^^ *wags*
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