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Why Manners Matter - Jessie T. Wolf
October 16th, 2004
02:14 am


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Why Manners Matter
Dude… I stopped a fight. O.o

I’m on this Balto/Spirit fan art mailing list, and about a week ago some bickering started. Someone came into the group and started criticizing artists and being loud and obnoxious and just felt like starting trouble in general. He upset some people, and like most people do, they replied to him in harsh or smart-ass terms, which just caused him to reply back with even more smart-mouthed stuff. Much like it usually is in most Trolling situations.

Well, with my being on this mailing list and all, I started getting a little bit fed up of getting nothing but fighting in my Inbox every day. So I finally made a reply to the guy, just basically saying, “Hey man, what’s up? What’s with all this pointless bickering? We don’t need this kind of stuff on a fan art based mailing list. Honestly, what have these guys done to you to deserve this kind of treatment?”

I expected to just get another snappy reply back, but instead got this:

“Sorry guys I guess I was mad.I didn't want to start anything .I was wrong for talking about you chipp.Sorry jess and scarab.no hard feelings I hope.We are members to a good group so I guess we should act that way.Again I'm really sorry guys.Just wanted a pic drawnfor me and didn't know how to ask for it.”

I was like… wow. I was really not expecting that. O.o I was impressed actually! I mean… part of me wonders how genuine it is, simply because it’s the last thing you’d normally ever expect. But if it’s genuine, then I’m honestly VERY impressed with this person, and glad that he made that apology to the group.

See this right here? Now, if only ALL fights and trolling were that simple to fix, things would be SO much nicer! We don’t need to fight over petty little things! It’s silly! People should spend more of their time just being nice to each other. *nods*

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Date:October 16th, 2004 06:29 am (UTC)
Wow... there's a new one.
"Hey, stop fighting."
"Aww, man, you're right. I'm sorry guys."

I usually get," Hey, fuck you! ROFL!!!!!!!11" Idiots.

Btw, I have those photos from Wonderland... FINALLY! I'll e-mail them to you and 2 when I get back on Tuesday. have a good weekend!
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Date:October 16th, 2004 11:43 am (UTC)

Horrible naive wolf dog thing. Rottie puppy condemns you!

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