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Stuff! And... Yeah. Stuff. :}

So, I FINALLY got my review today! A month late, but I got it. :) And basically, my boss is really happy with my work, and offered me a raise. Now, one thing about my boss. She’s really nice. She’s cool, I like her. But she’s kinda cheap as well. O.o So she only offered me a 50 cent raise, when I was hoping for at least a dollar. Considering the amount of work I do there, and the fact that every other kennel job I’ve had started me off higher than she did, I thought I deserved at least a dollar. But we compromised 75 cents instead. *shrugs* Meh… s’better than nothing, I suppose. At least I’m getting a bit more hours anyway. So all in all, I’m happy with my review. It went very well. :)

I have named the kitty in my bathroom Tobi. It was the first name that came to my head, so I stuck with it. She’s doing well, her fleas are gone, and so my mom stuck her in Solon’s room and put ANOTHER cat in my bathroom that has fleas!!! >.< I was like… MOM!!!! I JUST got rid of fleas and you’re putting MORE fleas in my bathroom?? What sucks most is the fact that I have to watch my dogs now. :/ My bathroom is right beside my room. You open the door and it’s right there, and my boys stay in my room a lot. My mom put more Revolution on this cat too, but it takes 24 hours to kill the little pests, and so in the meantime I have to watch that my dogs don’t get them. Feh... another cleaning job for me to do. I liked Tobi in my bathroom. :/ She’s little and cute and she doesn’t get on my nerves. Now I have a big, fat, fluffy thing laying on my windowsill, and a huge mess of fur and flea dirt to clean off of my counters. *shudders* >.<

On the plus side of things though, I have figured out how I’m going to get from Chicago to Arkansas after Midwest FurFest, so I don’t need to find a ride anymore. Thank you to those people out there who tried to help me out though. :) Got to talk to my baby birdy last night, and he was telling me how flight tickets from Arkansas to Chicago were on sale for only $150!! So I decided to take advantage of it. Even though I’m still scared to death of planes. X.x The Gryphy promised he wouldn’t make any plane crash jokes. I told him that was very sweet of him. :-P So with pat_the_fox’s help, we managed to book me a flight on 2’s plane going back to Fayetteville from the con, so I can stay at his place for a week. Then at the end of November, I’m going to fly back to Chicago, then take a Greyhound from Chicago back to Toronto. This way I’m also saving $50. :) Thank you, love! ^^ And thank you Pat, for booking my flight. I’ll give you your money the next time I see you!

Solon’s also got me addicted to pop again. I was doing so well too! No pop for almost two months, and now I’m back on it! Blah! And I’m going to stop now, because my scrolly bar thingy is having weird epileptic seizures. >.< Damn thing’s been acting up and going up and down like mad on its own from time to time. Thing’s on crack or something. *is making her dizzy!* X.x
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