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I Have A New Companion!

So, it would seem that I now have a new cat. O.o Found this little gray tabby kitty in the ally way outside of my work. She looks fairly young… probably under a year old. I was taking the trash out, and she followed me back to the clinic from the back fence, and I made the mistake of paying attention to her. O.o She spent the next two hours mewing at the back door, and every time a client tried to go in or out the door, she tried to run inside. Three clients picked her up and brought her in, asking if she was ours (cos I work at a Cat Clinic) and we said no, so they just put her back outside. But she wouldn't go away, so we finally brought her in, hoping it would keep her quiet.

I felt bad for her being out there, because it was pouring rain and all icky cold and windy out. One of the staff told me to just put her back out after closing, because she probably belonged to someone if she was that friendly, and that she'd probably find her way back home on her own. Course, as far as I‘m concerned, if she does belong to anyone, they don't really deserve to have her back. >.< But I was gonna wait until it stopped raining and then put her back out in the ally, and just go home, because I mean, we already have like 40 cats at home. X.x We don’t really need anymore. My mom does rescue work, and people dump animals on us all of the time because my mom just doesn't have the heart to say no. We get threats of, "Well if you don't take them, we'll put them to sleep, or just throw them out on the street, and my mom can't deal with that.

So yeah... I didn't WANT to bring another cat home, especially since I always tell my mom to say no to any more... So I tried dropping her off and walking away...but she just followed me. She wouldn’t go away, and I was afraid of her trying to follow me into the general direction of traffic. So, I just grabbed a carrier from work, and stuck her in and took her home. *shrugs* She's currently in my bathroom with a litter box, and food and water. She went straight to the food bowl. >.< And I also put some drops of Revolution on her, cos she had flea dirt on her. So... she's just going to stay in my bathroom for a day, until the fleas are gone, before we let her out with the rest of the group.

Damn, I'm getting just as bad as my mom... But I couldn't just leave her out there... she was so sweet, and I was afraid of coming back to work the next day and seeing her dead by the side of the road, or something. :/ So yeah. More kitties… in fact she’s the fourth new one in just under two weeks. When I move out, I am NOT having a cat. Nope. Just my two dogs, and that’s it! Hell, I don’t think 2 would let me keep a cat anyway, since I had to argue with him about keeping my dogs. ;) 1 The Momma Gryph is apparently just as bad as my mom for collecting cats. :-P Okay well... she has like twenty less than we do, but still, I think it’s rather funny. ^^ I will be surrounded by cats no matter where I go!

Hrmmm... that would make an interesting picture... *goes off to doodle*
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