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Art Trade!

So last night I finished my half of a trade with Jenn Osiecki. I figured with all of the ‘mishes I’ve been doing lately, I could afford to take a small break and do something fun. :) So here’s her half, and then mine underneath it. Yee! She drew me with a Muppet of myself! ^^ So cute!! I love the girl’s shading. :) Her art style is very clean-cut, yet detailed at the same time. Very cool. ^^ I’ll be putting both of these pics on my site with my next update. *grins* Jessie Muppet Vanessa Helsing I’m finally starting to crack down on my artwork that’s been due for a little while. jungrey, your print is being made today, and will go out in the mail soon! aerak, your commish will be done by tonight, and also sent in the mail soon. Jenn’s piece above can be mailed off now as well. kiranlightpaw, I’ll get a rough drawing out to you asap, and then I just have to sit down and read that story I was sent, so I can start work on my Keena commission as well. My goal is to get all of this done no later than the end of the first week of October. Then I can move on to my October list of commissions: three pieces for gryph0n, and then two pieces for Sevlow. Then no more commissions until after November, because I’m going to be spending the next couple months working on original art to sell at MFF. I also decided to try entering a few pieces into the Art Show this year, so we’ll see how that does. In other news, I’m babysitting two of our neighbor lady friend’s dogs, psycho Sarah and Buddy. Sarah’s a crazy little rotti/lab cross, who thankfully hasn’t tried to eat me yet, but hopefully Rita will be picking her up tonight. Buddy is a beagle, and at least he’s a very sweet and friendly dog, if not a bit noisy. I don’t mind keeping him a bit longer if I have to, but having to watch Sarah around my other dogs is a bit of a pain, because she could really do a lot of harm to them if she wanted. X.x She’s being good right now though. Gonna stick her in my bathroom in a minute, while I go off to work now! *romps off*
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