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Work And Art Stuffs

So, we had a very productive day at work today. :) All but one boarder went home today, and so I had a little extra time to do other little chores around the clinic that I wasn’t able to do all of last week because it was so busy. I’m glad things are a little more quiet this week. Especially now that Dr. Stuart is back from her England vacation, I have to make sure to keep more on top of things, because she’s more of a neat-freak than I am. She’ll notice the tiniest stains or marks on a wall or counter that no one else can see with the naked eye. :-P

I also overheard Dr. Szabo talking to Dr. Stuart about my work, and got a little spooked for a brief moment. So later I asked her if everything was okay, and she said that everything was absolutely great, and that I’m still doing a super job around the clinic. She said that she was just telling Dr. Stuart that even around the Labor Day week, when it was horrendously busy, I was really great about helping out, and staying late or coming in early when it was needed. Right now Dr. Stuart is trying to decide weather they only want to hire one other person to replace Kim, or two, just in case anyone gets sick. She told me that Emma said she was willing to work as an on-call in case they needed her, and they were just wondering if I would consider it as well.

I told her that my hours are flexible, and I’ve come in for them before when they’ve needed me, so I didn’t really mind being a spotter if it came down to it. So basically Dr. Szabo said that Dr. Stuart will probably be asking me sometime soon if I want to increase my hours. More hours isn’t a bad thing… I just REALLY hope I get a decent raise once I get my review, which is scheduled at the end of this month… especially now that I’m working 7 days a week.

But Dr. Szabo told me that I’m getting a lot better with handling the animals for taking blood and stuff, and helping her with pilling or restraining some of the more aggressive cats. Today I was a little bolder with them than I normally am, since I will admit when it comes to cats they scare me to death when they get mean. X.x I can honestly say I’d rather go up against a caution dog, than a caution cat any day, because I’ve SEEN the kind of damage a small 4lbs cat can do. *shivers* But today I went all out, with the big thick blue gloves, and large towels and all. Even pilled a mean one today… and got bitten… and scratched. But it didn’t bother me so much.

The doctor also asked me to help her out with a euthanasia today, cos she needed help with holding the vein. I tell ya… working at a vet clinic you have to get over your squirminess right away. X.x I don’t really have a huge problem with the euthanasias anymore. At my last clinic job I had to bath dogs for the groomers, and the bathtub was RIGHT next to the surgery room, so I saw a lot of pretty bad stuff, but you learn to not let it bother you after a while. Likewise, I’ve seen people do trial days at clinics and kennels thinking that all they have to do is play with the animals all day, and then they complain and usually quit when they find out that they have to clean up poop.

No, you cannot be squirmy at a vet clinic at all, because you will get peed on, and pooped on, and bled on… and you’ll get bitten and scratched, and you’ll see bad injuries sometime, but you have to keep a good head about what goes on around you. One thing about me at least is that I’ve never been afraid to get my paws dirty. I don’t mind cleaning jobs, in fact at the end of the day I feel all satisfied when I leave and everything is all sparkly and lemony fresh. ;)

Also, a bit of luck today as well! Just this morning I was working on a rough for a new piece I’m trying to get together so that I can sell at MFF coming up, and I was thinking how badly I needed a light table, because tracing my roughs onto cardstock is a pain in the tail. :/ I mentioned this kind of in passing to Dr. Szabo while I was at work today, and she thought for a moment, and then told me that they had some extra X-ray viewers in the basement, and that I could probably ask Dr. Stuart if I could buy one off of her. So I thought… damn, that’s a good idea! I never thought about the X-ray viewers before.

And so I asked my boss, and she said that she was indeed looking to sell their older ones, since they just recently bought all new ones. I was going to check out some art stores to see if I could get prices for 14X16” light tables, but Dr. Stuart said that I could borrow it for the time being, and that if I decided I wanted it, she’d sell it for me at a lower cost than what they bought it for, because it’s older and used. So, yay! I have a light table now. :) This will make doing my artwork SO much easier! And also get me more motivated, because I’ve been feeling kinda blah about artwork lately.

Kinda funny how that’s been working out for me for the past couple of days. :) Anytime I think I need something, I luck out and get it. Two days ago I was all like, “I really wish that 2_gryphon would come online, because I really need to talk to him.” Five minutes later, he’s online. :-P This morning, “Gee, I really should get a light table,” and I end up coming home with one. Tonight, “Man, I really need to get some more dog food,” and just ten minutes ago a friend of ours dropped off four huge bags of free dog food donations!! *GRINS* Now, if only that worked all the time… *thinks*

Hrmmm… I sure could use a thousand dollars right about now…


Damn… didn’t work. Oh well. :-P Back to artage! *scribblescribble*
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