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Yay!!! So many happy things today! ^^ I’m so very grateful for the friends I’ve made over the years, especially the past two years. :) Spent some time talking to huskie666 on the phone today. I hope she’s able to make it to MFF. And chatted with frisket17 and nalltwd. I should really draw a piccie for them!

I need to get back on top of my art in general really… I haven’t really been feeling much like an artist lately. Going to be working on my last few commissions this week, and then spend the next couple of months getting as much artwork done for MFF as I can. Yay for cons! It’ll be nice to spend time with peoples again, and I owe a couple folks drinks too.

I notice that after my really foul mood days, I’m all super bouncy happy not long afterwards. Need a good balance. :-P

Now, if I can just get over this cold…
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