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New Home For Puppy!

Well, William finally got a good home, with a woman who actually adopted a kitten from us six months ago. :) She called us because it was time to get her cat spayed. We make a deal with anyone who adopts from us that they can get their pets' shots, neutered/spayed for a cheaper price, because with all of the animals we have, the vet gives us a discount.

Anyway, she was talking about how she had to put her 14 year old cocker spaniel down because of liver failure, and it just happened that she was looking to adopt another dog. So we told her about William, and she came to see him the very next day, and she totally fell in love with him. So little Willy went home with her, and she and her boyfriend are very happy with him. :)

We saw him today to take him for his second booster, and man does that puppy grow fast! Next month when he goes for his third booter I won't even recognize him. :-P He's so cute. ^^ I'm glad he got such a good home, and at least we'll still be able to see him from time to time. Yay!

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