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So, I’ve been sick these past few days. Yay. And iron_raptor has been here taking care of me, cos he insists he’s going to shove all kinds of vitamins and stuff into me so that I can start feeling better soon. He gave me some odd-tasting herbal drink the other day… supposed to help colds and flues. And he got me some throat drop candies. “Don’t forget to gargle with salt water! Put some Vapo-rub on your throat! Drink lots of water! I’ll take care of you until you’re all better!” It is just a cold, but I’m very touched that he’s keeping me company throughout it. ^^ I thought it was the flu in the beginning, because I felt REALLY nauseous and dizzy, and just felt like I wanted to die… but that passed, and now it’s just a sore throat, and a bit of congestion. I also get dizzy whenever I stand up, which later turns to a dull throbbing headache and a bit of a pulsing pressure just behind my eyes. Last night I thought my head was going to explode, so I went to bed. Today I don’t have much of a voice at all, but I think I’ll be back to normal within the next couple of days.

I’ve taken an interest in cooking lately. Dunno why, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with trying to cook different meals that I’ve never really tried cooking before. I figure learning how to REALLY cook, (and not just toast, soup, and microwavable items…) will do me a lot of good, considering once I’m out of this house, I’ll probably never have another Home-cooked meal again. X.x So yeah… I LIKE cooking. I’m just lazy when it comes to doing it. But I got some postcards in the mail today, with different recipes on them, and I think I’ll try some of them. :)

Today Torrle is going to drop of a new WindowsXP CD for me, so that I can reformat my computer. It’s been an absolute bitch lately, and my browser hasn’t been working at all. :/ I still have net connection, so I can get on my messengers… but I couldn’t get into my mail, or other sites at all. So for anyone who’s commissions I was supposed to be starting this month, sorry for the delay. O.o As soon as my computer gets fixed, I’ll be able to scan and send you your sketches. I think it was about time to wipe my hard drive anyway… I’ve had Windows98 for FAR too long. It’s time for a change. Plus I get to hang with Torrle for a bit tonight, which will be nice, since I haven’t seen him in a while. :)

Now, off to back up as many of my files as I can…

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