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Today I went into the upstairs computer room for some reason… can’t remember why… but Babe has been out and about on the floor lately, instead of always just laying behind the computer like she normally does. Okay, so normally I end up getting all flustered with my mom whenever she brings in a new cat… but this time it was my fault. Babe was a bit of a special case for me, and working at a vet clinic, I have to watch that this doesn’t happen a lot. O.o

Babe is a very pretty little brown tabby, about eight years old, who came into the clinic one day because she was going to be put to sleep. While I was helping the Doctor hold her for an examination, I asked why she was being put down, and the vet told me that her owners said she was peeing all over the house. When the vet questioned them about having a urinalysis done, they basically said, in a nutshell, that they didn’t want to spend money on tests to find out what was wrong. They didn’t even want to see if it was treatable. They just didn’t want to deal with the cat anymore, so they’d rather just kill her. Yeah… real fucking nice. >.<

I also found out later that apparently these people recently got a new cat, and Babe started peeing shortly afterwards. My guess is that it was just her being stressed because of the new cat’s presence. We’ve had a few cats like that, and it’s easily fixable. So naturally I was pissed off at the owner’s negligence, so I talked to the Doctor (because she was just as upset with them) into seeing if there was an alternative to putting Babe to sleep. The vet decided to do some urine and blood tests on her anyway, and there was nothing physically wrong with Babe. She was perfectly healthy, and so I said I’d take her in myself if her owners didn’t want to care for her anymore. The Doctor said that she’d have to talk to her owners first, and get them to sign a form relinquishing responsibility for the animal. In my opinion, they did that the moment they chose not to care for her anymore. >.<

But thankfully they signed, and I took Babe the very next day. She’s doing VERY well. She’s eating, and she does her business in the litter box just fine. She’s very sweet and comes out all purring and rubbing for pets. She’s just the sweetest thing, and I’d love to find a single home for her. She has to stay kept by herself in the computer room, because the amount of other cats we have would stress her out for sure. O.o So I just go in and visit her every day. Although every time I see her, I can’t help but think of her owners, and it just sickens me that they were going to put such a good and loving animal to death. >.< When their new cat gets a problem, will they refuse to give it treatment and just put it to sleep as well? People like that should be the ones who are put to sleep… they don’t deserve to take care of a living creature.

Then, on my way downstairs I stopped to pet a few kitties. Mainly Mommy, and Sprocket. And then came Amber-Lynn. And then Moe. Then our one-eyed Duke, and Zeus, and Trouble, etc. You can’t pet one without them all coming for pets. I noticed one of our shy ones though, Tiger. She’s a very pretty little gray and cream tabby… she looks a lot like Sprocket, only a bit of a younger version. You see her kinda walking around here and there, but she never lets you actually come up and touch her. She runs away from everyone. I often wonder why a good few of our cats who have been here for AGES, and who know are safe, are still afraid of us.

But she came up, looking at everyone else getting petted, and she wanted to be petted too, you could just see it. She kinda inched a bit closer, sniffed my hand, I put a finger out, and she jumped back. So I kept petting the others. And she came back, trying again, and I touched an ear that time. Then she jumped back. I kept petting the others. Finally she just pushed past everyone because she wanted attention too… but every time I tried, she’d either freeze or jump back. I finally managed to give her chin a little scratch, and she loved that. ;) She nearly rolled over my hand. It was cute. ^^ But it was funny too, because she WANTED to be pet, but whenever you did she was almost torn between being scared and wanting to run, but then kinda staying because she liked it. She’s a nice cat though, but I noticed while I was petting her that she’s pretty thin… :/ Too bad she’s the kind you can very rarely catch at all, because she should really be looked at, but my mom just can’t get her. O.o

Hopefully she will start coming around a little more though. Some of them just take longer than others. Sprocket never used to be a very social cat either, but this past year she’s decided that she wants attention, and so now she’ll even just come and jump into your lap! She NEVER used to do that. Even my mom was shocked the day she jumped into her lap for pets. Same with Zoogan, and Cheeko. They were scardycats, and it took them a year and more to learn to not be afraid of people. Now Zoogan will practically climb on top of your shoulder for hugs and nuzzles, and Cheeko is always rubbing against your legs and doing the “I’m Pretty and I Know It,” strut.

We have a lot of interesting cats, all with their unique personalities. This house can be a fun place to visit, if you don’t have allergies. ;) Living here, with them all around, 24/7 can get a little frustrating at times, but I DO like our cats, even if I do scream about how much they drive me crazy all the time. X.x
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