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Sad Memories...

So… tonight I did a bit of a cleanup on my computer. Burned all of my new art to CD, and deleted old junk that have been piling up in my folders over the past year. Gods, I’m such a packrat. X.x I had a bunch of old conversations saved in my Writing folder, so I spent most of the evening reading through some of them. A lot of them I just took a deep breath and deleted without even really checking over. I already knew what they were. I was actually trying to avoid even having to go back to one folder in particular. Too many memories… both good and bad. I kind of wish now that I hadn’t deleted them… because I wanted to remember all of the good things… But then I realized that reading them all over would have just reminded me of how bad things turned out in the end… :(


Oh well… they’re gone now. I’ll burn some more of the Furry art I’ve collected another day. If I can ever figure out how to make my damn thumbnails view work again. >.< It just stopped working one day when I had to uninstall my Corel Draw, because it kept on messing up on me and freezing and crap. Now I can’t view thumbnails anymore, and I don’t know how to get that option back… And so organizing my files is going to take me a looong time, because I’ll have to open each individual file on my computer just to see what the damn images are of. :/ Not looking forward to that, but oh well.

I should stop saving so much junk…
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