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Well, I gone and dun it. I put my Oldschool sketchbook up for auction on FurBid. I hope it does well. X.x

I thought a lot about this. This is some of my oldest Furry artwork, from back when I was just starting high school, so it’s got some sentimental value to it. A few friends have asked me if I’m sure I want to sell it, and I figure… I still have BOXES and boxes of even older drawings, some dating back to when I was 6 years old. This sketchpad is only some of the first human-animal stuff I’ve done, whereas the years before I used to only draw wolves. A lot. O.o And I used to draw more realistic art before I got into the more cartoony Furry style drawings.

But anyway. Seeing as how I apparently have a Name now, (ha… never thought I’d see the day) I figure putting up some old Original work would probably make someone very happy, cos then they could say, “I own some of Jessie T. Wolf’s OLD artwork! W00t!” And besides, as long as I have scanned copies of all of my work, I’ve learnt not to get so upset when parting with originals. And all it’s really done these past 7-8 years is sit in my cabinet and collect dust… it should go to someone who’ll actually appreciate it and add it to the rest of their art collection. :)

So yes. Place your bids now! I need monies. :-P *luffs to all of her friends and fans!*
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