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Stupid Timing

So, today I went to Fabricland to buy some half inch and one inch thick foam, so I can actually start work on the soon-to-be Jessie Fursuit Head. The body and paws are done… I just need to get to work on finishing the head, as right now it’s just a wire frame. I’d kinda like to get it done by Halloween, but I can go as late as November so that it’s ready for MFF. This is my first attempt at making a full body fursuit, so don’t laugh at the finished product. :-P

Oh yeah, I went to Fabricland… and they had dark brown fur!!! Last time I went in to get the materials to sew the body together all they had was black, and so I bought that, planning on just painting the fur in different shades of brown, like my markings are actually supposed to be. But DAMMIT!!! If they had had that color fur before, it would have saved me SO much trouble!! Damn, damn, damn! Oh well… too late now. I’ll make the best of it.

Today I spent the afternoon at work. Then I went to run some errands. Then I came home and cleaned the house from top to bottom, including feeding and cleaning the animals for my mom since it’s her Birthday today and she’d like to come home and have no chores to do for a change. And then I made dinner. And now I’m tired, and going to go to bed shortly.

You know, I’ll make a damn good Wife. ;)
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