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Early this afternoon, after Lex, 2, and I came back home after going out to lunch at this sweet little Irish Pub nearby, we pulled up into my mom’s driveway, and right on the corner was a parked SPCA van…

Yeah… Someone snitched on us. Thankfully though, they weren’t too harsh on us. I was freaked right the heck out, and feared the worse: that they would take away all of our kitties and put them all to sleep. :/ And of course it didn’t help that we have this dude temporarily keeping 16 additional cats in our garage until he moves to the country. All they really found was that one of his cats had a bad eye, and they’re giving us until 12pm on Friday to take her to the vet and get it fixed up. They said that someone else would come by on Friday to check that it had been done, but they (thankfully) didn’t say anything about us having to get rid of the animals.

We have a friend who took in cats like we do as well, and when she got caught, they gave her five days to get rid of her animals, but I think that was mainly because she had more numbers than we do, and because her place is an absolute shit hole. Our house really isn’t quite as bad as some places I’ve seen, and the two officers that came over actually said they were really impressed with how good our house looked, and how healthy they all looked for having so many of them. I guess they mainly look for abuse, and they found no abuse here, so I guess they’re not going to make us get rid of them… We’ll find out for sure on Friday though. Here’s hoping. O.x
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