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Two-Faced... >:/

I’ll never understand how some people can be so damn two-faced. Okay, so I’ve been assured that I won’t be getting in the middle of our household drama, but I always manage to, somehow, without even trying. >.< Skip this post if you don’t wanna read a bunch of bitchy family drama. It gets kinda long. I’m not cutting this cos I’m lazy.

So I have a new roommate. After Bluey moved out, my friend Solon moved in. After his mom got him taken away so abruptly in the middle of the night to a freaking mental institution, we were kind enough to take him in when his only other option was to go to a Shelter. Now, I for one love having a roommate. It gets kind of lonely not having someone to come visit you in your room and chat, or watch movies with, and just… it’s good to have the company. I was a bit creeped out for a while seeing that room beside mine empty. :/ So I was happy when my mom agreed to let Solon stay with us.

But now, she’s going nuts, or something. In the beginning it was like, “Oh yeah, you can stay with us for as long as you need to, until you can get back on your feet,” when originally Solon said he wouldn’t inconvenience us, and only stay a few weeks. Of course, at the time he said that, he had no idea where he could go in only a few weeks. Then my mom started getting into how she’d let him stay here and be really happy if he would just help out with chores around the house. Then that went for pushing him to try to find a job, because she wanted him to start paying rent. NOW it’s completely changed to she just wants him out of the damn house as fast as humanly possible. >.<

I don’t know HOW my mom can be this way. It’s bad enough that she’s constantly putting pressure on him to find work… he’s BEEN looking, it’s NOT that easy to just find work. He admits that he could be trying a bit harder, but he HAS been looking. But now it’s completely gone from him trying to find a job so he can save up to find a place of his own, to my mom wanting him to get himself on Welfare so that he can get out of our house. She’s made it clear to him that he’s, “Overstayed his welcome,” and that he only said he’d be here a few weeks in the beginning anyway.

My mom keeps on changing her mind, and it’s driving ME nuts, and _I_ have to listen to her bitch about how much she doesn’t want the same thing to happen between her and Solon that happened between her and Blue. To make a long story short, my mom and Blue didn’t get along, and they drove each other nuts for four years, because my mom was trying to be a controlling Parental Figure to Blue, even though Blue was paying rent, and even though Blue LEFT home to get AWAY from Parental Figures to begin with. Now my mom’s paranoid as fuck that the same thing will happen to her and Solon, and she doesn’t want that, so she wants to kick his ass out ASAP. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen, yet with her being so damn paranoid all of the time now, she’s CREATING the exact same situation. The thing is though... HOW is he supposed to go anywhere with no job and no money? Welfare is a bitch, and they’re giving him a hard time as far as help goes. My mom is putting a LOT of pressure on Solon, and that’s in turn stressing me out because I somehow keep on getting pulled into the middle of it, and I’m PISSED OFF that my mom is being such an insensitive bitch right now.

Yes. Ohhh… I said my mom was being a bitch. And she is. Sorry Ma, I’m not taking that back. My mom can be the NICEST person, but then she can just turn around, and do THIS kind of crap. Like when she went nuts over my friends adopting a cat from us. And then two weeks later she wanted the cat back, but they didn’t want to give her back, because they really liked her, and they gave her a MUCH better home anyway. My mom turned into a selfish asshole and made a lot of trouble and stress for everyone, including not talking to me for over a month because I agreed with the people who adopted the cat over her. >:/ She got all mad at me, saying I didn’t respect her, that Family is supposed to come first. Obviously my MORALS don’t matter at all, and I should just agree with my mom, even though I think what she’s doing is totally WRONG. Like she says, “I wouldn’t just kick Solon out tomorrow with no place to go!” That’s SURE as hell how it sounds, Ma! You’re basically telling him you want him out, like, NOW, and not giving him any time to prepare at all. Nice. Really fucking fair of you. She just DOESN’T see things from anyone else’s viewpoint. She can be SO fucking stubborn, and SHE’S the only one in the right. Everyone else is wrong. >.< It’s everyone else that doesn’t understand HER. And she’s right... no one fucking understands her when she gets like this, because she makes no sense at all! Aarrrgh!! *gnaws on rocks*

Goddammit!! See, now I’ve gone and made an Angsty journal entry on Family Life. >.< I love my mom. I really do. She and I are actually quite close, and I’ll honestly hate to leave her when I finally do move out… but BLOODY HELL, I can NOT stay here forever, or I will go insane out of my head and... like… start tossing cats at her or something. >.< Why does my mom have to be so damned two-faced?? I hate it. Fucking hate it to hell. Wish she would just STOP, and recognize her own damn faults and try to work on fixing them. *sits and fumes*
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