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Carnival Rides, and Weird Al

Sooo… Been doing a lot of extra work shifts at the vet clinic lately. Coming in early, and staying a couple of hours later to help the doctors. Kimberly finally quit, cos she managed to get that better job, working at a lab. Hope that goes well for her. She says she’ll miss working with me (and I’ll miss her too!). But she says she’ll come in and visit Adele and myself in a couple of weeks to say hi, and also so that she can pay me for my coyote drawing, since she really liked it and wanted to buy the original off of me. :} Yay. Apparently they already have a replacement for her, who I guess I’ll be meeting sometime this week. I hope I get along well with the new person. X.x So far my job is wonderful and I love it because I get along with everyone there. I want it to STAY that way! The last replacement vet we had for a week was just creepy as shit, and she acted like she had some kind of stick up her ass. :/ *flicks her ears*

Anyway, so lots of work has made me sleep a lot. Yeah. I’m lazy. I like my sleep. :-P (Gee, that sounds familiar… *grins*) But I broke myself from my laziness and went out with rexxwolfe last night. Hung out with torrle, grimal, ashbearfox, and avwolf, to name a few. We went to a little fair that was parked outside of the strip mall by l337_0n1, entropicana and Marlos’ place. I was all giggly and hyped up on Timmy’s Iced Cappuccinos and cotton candy. XD Went on a few spinney rides, and a rocket movie ride that was really corny, except for the sheer phallic symbolicness of it. ;) It was a submarine movie with crappy claymation, but I just couldn’t help myself. “We went in the penis-shaped ride! We were sea men!” ^___^ Okay I’m done with that now. :} Then we went back to Stephen’s apartment to watch UHF, cos everyone was in a Weird Al mood, followed by a tape of his older 80’s music videos. Yee. Al rocks. ^^

So… all in all, it was a good night. And today will be spent finishing an inked commission, and then watching movies with Solon. And eating something before I pass out. I’ve been eating like MAD lately! O.o Have no clue why, but for like three weeks now, I’m hungry all the time. >.< I think I actually gained some boob weight. I can CUP them now! I never used to be able to do that before. :-P

My Gryphy will be here in a week and a half!!!!! YEEEEEE!!!!!!! *bounces up and down!* I MISS him a LOT! *buttwiggles, and makes plans for the week!*
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