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Project "Move To NARFA" Change Of Plans...

Oooookay. So it looks like my plans to move to the NARFA Cube are going to be postponed a bit. Turns out that we still have no clue what’s going on with the whole Sponsorship dealy. Because of the way they explain the damn forms, it’s confusing as all hell to figure out a straight answer on just what the heck you need to be a Sponsor. If anyone would like to see if they can make more sense of it, the form to download (Affidavit of Support) is here. As far as I can understand, it’s this:

To be a sponsor to an immigrant, you have to be able to meet a certain income requirement. And they explain how to calculate that, as you need to be able to at least meet or exceed 125 % of the federal poverty guidelines for your household size. Your household size is calculated by including yourself, anyone who is related to you by birth/adoption/marriage/etc. who is living under your roof, and the immigrant you intend on sponsoring. So say you’re only counting yourself, plus the immigrant. The Sponsor’s household size is 2. So you check what the number is for 2, and then times that number by 125%, and you get the amount of income you have to be able to make in one year. And of course you have to show them proof of this by sending in your employment info, (weather you’re employed by someone or if you’re self employed) your 3 most recent tax forms, and getting bank statements for the past 12 months, and stuff.

But if the ideal sponsor has other people related to them who are dependent on them, (as it does in this case) it ups the household size number. And increased household size basically means that the sponsor has to be able to make more monies to meet the income requirement. O.o So say your household number is 4. In the Federal Poverty Guidelines,
the amount for a household of 4 is $18,850 times 125%. In other words, to be eligible to be a sponsor, that person must have a total household income of at LEAST $23,562.5 a year.

This, of course, freaked me out like you wouldn’t believe, and I spent most of yesterday having a complete spaz attack because there’s no way in hell that this ideal sponsor could make that much in one year. And that was even IF the person would be willing to BE my sponsor in the first place… cos that’s a huge responsibility to take, a big decision to make... and especially in only two more weeks until 2 and I were supposed to be filling out and mailing off our visa request. >.<

So, I went to bed quite upset and stressed out, but I tried calming down, trying to think of a plan B. And I came up with this while pat_the_fox was over visiting me: We spent a good chunk of today re-reading the forms, trying to find any kind of loophole, and we think we MAY have found one, although we’re going to call the U.S. consulate here in Toronto to ask them if this is possible. By all accounts, when I move, 2 is theoretically supposed to act as my sponsor, but unfortunately he doesn’t meet the income requirements. BUT, it states in the forms that you can have a joint sponsor in this case, but the joint sponsor has to be able to meet the min income requirement on their own. I don’t know why they can’t just combine… but... meh. *shrugs*

Anyway, I thought I remembered reading somewhere that the joint sponsor had to be related to the sponsor somehow… but when Pat and I read the instructions again, it doesn’t say anything there about having to be related. It just says that you have to be a legal U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age. Sooo… if this is indeed the case, if I could find ANYONE at NARFA who makes the min income amount per year, and who would be willing to take on the responsibility of it, they could be a joint sponsor to 2, and I could finally be allowed to move!! Course, I dunno anyone who can/would be willing to do that. X.x For the most part, it’s just for legal paperwork. I WILL have a good few grand saved up for when I move, to live off of until I’m able to find a job. I’m not going to ask my Sponsor to shell out money for me if I can pay for things on my own. They just basically want to know that the sponsor would readily take financial responsibility for me, so that I don’t mooch off of the government. Not that I would anyway, but I understand why they do this.

Right now though, the plan is just to wait. And although I hate waiting, I suppose this isn’t such a bad thing. For one, I don’t have to worry about rushing with forms and hoping to goodness that they get accepted and processed before February, because that’s when Furry Weekend Atlanta is, and I’d REALLY like to be able to make it there for my Guest Of Honor title. O.o So I can take a bit of a breather now… have some extra time to work at the vet clinic and save up. I can actually attend a couple other cons now, (like MFF!) and hopefully sell some more artwork to also contribute to my move. Thinking of going back to visit the guys at NARFA in November anyway, after the con. Maybe I can also look into trying to find a job down there?

So… I won’t be moving in January anymore, like I was hoping to. And well, okay so if we DO manage to sort out the Sponsorship thing sometime in the new year, it just means I put out my visa forms sometime after February, (or whenever) and wait for them to be processed… which could take several months… and I just end up moving closer to the summer of 2005, if I’m lucky. So yeah… this is the new plan. It’s not much of a plan right now, but at least it’s less stressful than the old one, and gives me more time to think about stuff.

I really, really hope it all works out in the end!
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