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Yay! My first Live Journal entry!

Well... many thanks to Theome for kicking my butt and finally getting me to create a LJ. I've actually been in a writing mood as of late, and so I think that this will come in very useful. ^^

Well I suppose for my first entry I'll start off by writing about my day. The first thing I did when I woke up was clean for about 5 hours. I mean everything, from top to bottom, getting everything all neat and tidy for Blue's return home. Blue, by the way, is the cutest little blue dwaggy in the whole wide world, and my bestest best friend/roommate. She rawks so hardcore, so I wanted to make sure she came home to a spotless appartment!

Course I spent the rest of the day feeling kinda sick... You know that ill feeling you get when you've done a lot of physical labour for hours and then you realize that you forgot to eat? O.o Yeah, even after eating something, my body decided to be evil to me for the rest of the day. But after some soup and a nap, I'm feeling better.

Also Chris, our dear friend from Chicago, is visiting us for a few days. You kick ass Chris! ^^ Too bad Gabe couldn't make it over as well tho... *pouts*

It's now 2am and I suddenly have the urge to draw. I'll probably be up until 6am. Such is my messed up sleep schedule. *smirks*
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