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Okay… I’m probably so going to get chewed on for this, but I just had to say something here. I was checking out 2’s site, the Furry Army Of Doom forum, and there was this REALLY stupid debate going on… Some Troll started some shit, like “heheheh... this site sux I hate this site the rants are sooo st00pid and you can all die and go to hell WAAAHHH,” and crap. And so naturally, everyone starts feeding the Troll. Yeah. Nuff said there. And I was just reading this and thinking, my god, how lame. And you get tempted to reply, to say something smartass, or just… anything to try to defend whatever crap the Troll is saying about the issue at hand. Okay, I’m dumb. I replied. But it wasn’t about the Troll. Who gives a poop about what the Troll thinks. What _I_ replied about had to do with everyone jumping on people about proper spelling, punctuation and freakin’ grammar. I’m sorry, but it just pisses me off way too much, and I see this kind of thing ALL the bloody time. So I had to add my own little two cents there, and I’ll probably have someone up my ass bitching about my post, but I honestly don’t care. This just had to be said.

~You know… I notice that some people complain about proper spelling and punctuation a bit TOO much at times. Not that this applies to the Trolls at all, but I just thought I’d point out that some people do genuinely have trouble with their spelling. Even when they do look over their spelling and try to correct as much as they can, it’s not that easy for the folks who actually have severe dyslexia. I have a few friends that can’t spell worth a damn. And yeah, it’s sometime frustrating to try and make sense of their typing, but I’m patient about it and cut them some slack, because I know it’s not their fault.

My best friend of eight years is very intelligent, speaks and reads well, and loves to learn about new things. Although she failed English in high school, and often times used to ask me how to spell words as simple as “education.” She’s not stupid or retarded. She just has a very hard time with spelling. And nearly EVERYONE she talks to online jump down her throat about not being able to spell correctly, and because of that she barely comes online anymore.

And it’s not just her, this happens to a lot people. Now, I’m not saying that ALL poor spelling is excusable. The folks who type “I” as “i” and type “You are” as “UR”… the ones who don’t even bother to add commas, periods or use capital letters are just being bloody lazy. But even if someone deliberately types like a dumbass, it doesn’t mean that others have to be so very snippy and insulting about it. Everyone typos as well. I know I do wuite frequently, and sometimes I don’t notice it until after I’ve already made a post.

Not everyone is an English Major, so folks please keep that in mind before you decide to tear into someone who’s spelling is absolutely atrocious. Unless it’s a Troll. Then it’s okay. ;) Hopefully he keeps on coming back to listen to the Gryphy’s rants that he so very much despises until his head explodes… or something. :-P~

Yep. And that’s all I have to say about that.
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