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Website Update!!!

I FINALLY got my website updated, thanks to Tappy Cat, since Wookiee just got too busy to do it. I was starting to get a bit worried when it wasn’t done for AC, just because I came out with a brand new business card, and my website’s URL was being advertised on the back of 2 Gryph’s new DVD cover, and I wanted people to go to a newly updated and more professional looking site. But YAY!!! It’s done now!! I’m a HAPPY wuff! ^^ *wags and wiggles* So here you go! Go check out the new site layout! :) I have an added Commissions section up, so people can check out my rates, and Gift Art section for those of you who have sent me artwork. *glee!*

In other news, my birthday was good. Went out to visit my Gran for lunch on Friday, and then went to my friend Joel’s place last night, with Solon. We made BBQ steak *drools* and went for a walk in the woods, where I smoked my first doobie. :-P Jo turned into such a pot-head once we hit high school, it’s kind of amusing. And apparently I smoke weed as if I’ve done it many times before, since I took it in well, didn’t cough or make any faces. It was okay… has a nice little herbal aftertaste, but I didn’t feel any effects, and I’m still not really that interested in inhaling smoke into my lungs on a regular basis. Even if weed is better than cigarettes. *shrugs*

Yee… I’m happy. :) Life is good, and with any luck 2 will be coming to visit for a week next month. Working on artwork. Starting a few new commissions, and a few gift pieces that I’m going to try to have out in the mail by this week. And, yeah, stuff. *bounces off all hyper-like*
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