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Okay, so I’m a few days late with my own con report… but it was a GREAT con, and I had a wonderful time! ^^ I got to meet a lot of my Online friends in Real Life for the first time, and I made a bunch of new friends as well. So hello to all of you who made my con super cool! 2 Gryphy, Gravis, Skandranon, Huskie, Frisket and Nall, Scully Raptor, IR, Pat, Bluey and Chris, Tiger Paw, Wookiee, K-9, Sean Rabbit and his sweetie, Fox Torres, Kiro Neem, Krahnos, CaliCat and Libby, Aura and Gan, Babs Bunny, my big bro Djago and his sweetie Rusty, Bios, Alpine Arctic Fox, Brokken, Rainwolf, Kamber, Tigra, Rozberk, Maggie Kitten, Ash Bearfox, Grimal, Torrle, Nexxus, Pegasus, Goldenwolf, Flain, Kigeni, Dalia, Astor, Gideon, Ferris, Herc, Crevan, and Gizmo Nine, and everyone who bought stuff from me at my table! Sorry if I forgot anyone, but you all know who you are. ;) It was great to see you all!

This was also the first year I managed to grab a table at the Artists Alley for Friday and Saturday. I got to share a table with iron_raptor and it was really cool. :) Anyone who didn’t get to see his finished “I am not a battle bot!” pic must bug him for a copy! *grins* Bohor, I couldn’t find you after the Artist Alley closed! I need your mailing address! And for those of you who’s badges I still have, I’ll be sending them out in the mail next week. Sorry for the wait! O.o This year was rather busy, and I’m really surprised I managed to do so well at my table. I think maybe next year I’ll go for a Dealer’s table, but maybe not take on quite so much work next time. I think I took on a bit more than I could handle this year, so sorry to those who ended up waiting for me to finish art at the last day of the con. >.< I’ll be quicker next year!

Hrmmm… I did a lot, can’t really type out all of it. But some highlights were going out to eat with folks, watching an AMAZING laser show courtesy of Skan, playing with phallic-shaped balloons, (grins) bouncing around with friends, and getting lots and lots of cuddles from the Gryph. ^^ *wags* I will definitely be at AC next year!! Although I’ll unfortunately have to miss MFF in November. :/ Working on getting paperwork done and sent off for next month so that I can move to the States by January, so that I can attend Furry Weekend Atlanta in February. Tiger Paw’s told me that I’ve been chosen to be a Guest of Honor there for this coming year, so as long as my visa request gets processed in time, I WILL be there! But yay for cons anyway, cos they are cool! :)

Now it’s back to work, and work really missed me, because apparently the day after I left it got really busy all of a sudden, and we now have like seven boarders. And I’ve taken on a few extra shifts in August, for the long weekends, so I can make up a couple of hours anyway. My Gran is also in town visiting until Saturday, so we’ll be going tomorrow morning to visit her. Tomorrow is also my Birthday, and I’ll be 22. Heee… that is a lucky birthday number for this year. ;)

Okay, I’m off to work now! Peace, y’all! *wags*
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