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That's The Last Time...

Well, I finally broke down and bought Barkley a new crate, cos I’m sick of him deciding he’s going to pee on the cats’ litter boxes every time I leave the house. >.< I left for one hour yesterday… ONE freakin’ hour, and he peed. I mean for the past few weeks he’s been pretty good about NOT doing it as much anymore, but then once in a while it’s like he’ll forget, or something, and then go and do it again. And then Calvin comes downstairs and sees that Barkley peed, and so he’ll pee too. Dakota’s the only smart one. He just lays on the upstairs couch and goes, “You guys are going to be in such shit when mom gets home…” And it’s not like I don’t let them out enough either. They go outside to go to the washroom RIGHT before I go out to work, so there’s no excuse. :/

I have NO idea why Barkley has started doing this. I mean, he’s 7 and a half years old, he’s been housebroken for YEARS. In fact the first day I brought him home at 2 years old, he never EVER had a single accident. Neither of my dogs have ever made accidents in the house, or chewed or destroyed things. They’ve always been really good that way. Until a little over a year ago… maybe two years, when we had our old Basset Hound, Freddy. Fred lived to be 13, which is pretty damn ancient for a Basset, and so he had a lot of bladder problems. And well… he was REALLY overweight, and he had these really short and stubby little legs, so it was kinda hard for him to get around. So he used to frequently have accidents in the house… on the hardwood floor of all places. >.<

And so since Fred peed in the house, then MY dogs figured it was okay to start peeing in the house. I did not stand for that one bit. Dakota learned really fast that mommy doesn’t like that. *smirks* Barkley on the other hand… is a bit more daft. And because we have a shitload of cats (I actually made a list last night… we have 41 in total) they’ve also started having more accidents around the house. The cats have actually managed to destroy more of the house than my dogs could ever do in a lifetime. X.x Needless to say, our hardwood floor is now destroyed from animals peeing on it.

One of the BIGGEST reasons why I want to get the hell out of this house, is to get away from the unhealthy environment. I really resent the fact that MY dogs have picked up bad habits, because of my mom’s cats. >:/ The only reason Barkley pees in the house when I’m not around is because the house already smells like pee. At least he only does it near the cat litter boxes, where the floor is tiled, so it’s not like it’s hard to clean up or anything, but DAMMIT it’s annoying anyhow! >.<

So that’s it, he goes in his crate from now on when I’m not home, which is only for three hours of the day anyway. And it’s a nice BIG crate too, one of those plastic pet cargo ones. Which he needs anyway because I’ll have to transport him in there when I move, and those crates are the only ones really suitable for Airlines. I’m going to have to buy Dakota a slightly smaller one at some point too, for when I move, but I won’t do that until it gets closer to the time.

Honestly, I’m kind of worried about weather or not I can even bring my dogs with me when I move in the first place. :/ Apparently the apartments at the Cube have begun to enforce this new rule that states you can’t have a pet over 25lbs, because they’ve had problems with people’s dogs destroying the apartments. Not to sound like a bitch, but a friggin 10lbs poodle can still cause damage to an apartment. A cat even, if it decides to start spraying everywhere! And I mean, I thought that was what the pet deposit was for? You pay a certain sum before you move in, so that if your animal destroys shit, you’ve already paid a good chunk to go into replacing it. *blinks*

And why should _I_ have to pay for other people’s pet mistakes? Especially when I was told before I decided to move that bringing them with me wouldn’t be a problem. :/ My dogs are not destructive, and they’re getting a bit older anyway. Koda will be 6 next month, and by the time I move in January, Barks will be 8, which is getting a little over the hill for a Shepherd. They’re mature dogs, and I can’t just abandon them… my mom would never look after them. She’d get rid of them in a heartbeat. Not to mention I’m already sacrificing a lot for this move… it’s going to cost me a fortune, and I’m already leaving behind my family and friends. I’m not exactly prepared to leave my boys behind as well…

So yeah, I’m a bit worried about what the landlord might say about it. But 2’s told me that he’s sure we can find some way to work around it, even possibly just bring them anyway, and just not say anything about it. Although I doubt that people wouldn’t notice two new dogs around. O.o But I trust him, and know that he’ll help me try to find a way to move, and still keep my babies. Cos that’s what they are: my babies. Not just dogs. They’re MY dogs, and dammit, I took on the responsibility to care for them, and I plan on sticking with it. *firm nods*

I know I’m worrying about things before they even happen, but I just sometimes can’t help but think about all the little details, because they could seriously affect things later on. But anyway… for the time being, I just want to try to get the visa request out of the way first, and hope that it even gets accepted in the first place.

But yeah. Barks has a new kennel. This will stop his peeing, and I will once again be a happy momma wuff. :)
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