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What the f*ck is up with art thieves anyway? I just don’t get it. O.o What in a person’s right mind would make them think that they could just go and steal another artist’s work – ESPECIALLY if the artist is well known and has a fan following – and then think they can actually get away with it? Boy, they must feel REALLY bloody stupid when they get pointed out. I mean, what the hell kind of excuse can you give for doing something like that? *just shakes her head*

On a side note… I am such a canine. I am just too quick to jump at the throats of other people for attacking (verbally or otherwise) anyone who is close to me. Even if I know they can stick up for themselves… I still have that need to say my own piece. And that is… Goddammit, stop being such idiots!! Learn the difference between someone just joking around and being sarcastic, to when they’re actually making a serious point! Don’t take EVERYTHING in life so damn seriously, and then go and create a bunch of unnecessary drama. It’s f*cking annoying, stupid, and very, very petty. >.
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