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Jeebus Forking Cripes! >.

Okay, so my mom's thinking of renting out the room beside mine, that Bluey used to occupy. Blue paid $400 a month for this room. Only thing is… she got no privacy, had to share the upstairs kitchen, AND the room reeks of cat piss.

Since my friend Solon is now staying with us, after he got out of that psych ward that his mom had him committed to, my mom just asked me if I would oppose to having him stay in that room, like Blue did, since he needs a place to stay. Originally my mom said he could stay with us if he did chores... and now she's bumping it up to when he gets a job, he can start paying rent, the way Blue did.

I said I had no problems with him staying, although I did have one problem… I suggested to my mom that she might want to charge him a bit less than the $400 she charged Blue... since for one thing, mom still uses the room, and he gets no privacy. And for another thing, he has to share the room with our smelly chinchillas and ferrets, and the room smells even WORSE of cat piss, cos of a cat who got dumped on us, yet again, who has to stay downstairs now, cos he has some disease that the other cats upstairs can catch if he gets put up there with them. >.<

So my mom gets all mad at me for suggesting that he pay a bit less... if it were ME, I wouldn't want to pay that much for that room. It's disgusting! And mom said, "Well, he may choose to look for another place to live, if he can find it cheaper, but the chances of him finding anything cheaper, for that good a deal are really slim." I'm thinking, that good a deal?? So what, you’re going to milk his money from him for as much as you can?? O.o

Blue found a room for $400, and she splits it with a friend. Sure, she still doesn't get much privacy, cos her friend shares it with her, but that's still only $200 a month for her, and the place doesn't reek of cat piss. >.< That's almost $300 U.S. my mom wants Solon to pay. For a cat piss smelling, no privacy, small room, and he has to still do chores and share the upstairs kitchen.

I know what mom means though, that it's cheaper than what he'd have to pay elsewhere in Toronto, yeah. Cos most bachelor apartments go for like $800+ a month, but for the circumstances, $400 for that room is a shit deal to me. *smirks* And I asked her, “I thought you didn’t want to rent that room out again after Blue left anyway?” and she says, “Well, I need the money.” I’m thinking, yeah, you need the money, but if you make him pay that much, he’s GOING to look for something cheaper, and then leave the first chance he gets, and then you won’t be getting ANY money at all!

She wanted to start making ME pay rent again, and as much as I love my mom, and know she could use the help financially, I’m just not in a position to be able to pay her rent right now. I’m seriously trying to save up to move OUT of this damn house, and there’s no way in hell I’d even have a chance at being able to do that if I started dishing her out monies again. Sorry ma, but I’m so not staying here for any longer than I need to. The NARFA Cube calls my name, baby. Cheaper rent, friends, and most importantly, MY GRYPHY to love and pamper until I’m all old and gray. ^^ *wags*

Yeah… After having to live in this house, I’m never going to own a cat, for as long as I live.
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