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Kink Kit Pics!

Okay, so as requested by sphelx, I decided to take pics of my little toy collection. So anyone who hasn't seen the Kink Kit yet, and have been curious, here is your chance to get a little peek at some of the items inside.

A little background: The Kink Kit is my personal collection of sex toys and accessories. It started off as just a couple of toys and lingerie, (inspired by foxfuzz) but then started to grow over the past four years or so, as more of a novelty toy collection, just cos I think this kinda stuff is neat. ;) There's a lot I didn't take pics off, (like all of the lingerie, garters and corsets) but I figured the main toys were good enough. If you wanna see the whole thing, you'll have to come visit. ;)

So artimas, which dildo would you prefer to be raped with? ;)


In there you'll find a few Gel toys, some with vibrators, some with suction cups. Two Zeta Creation toys (Wolf and Fox) and a purple strap-on harness, w/realistic-looking cock toy. The gift that Blue got me is the sparkly, purple, grape-smelling, vibratey toy. The "Raver Dildo" was a bit hard to photograph, but I wanted to get some idea of the flashing lights. Then there's the whip that I made myself, (actually made two of them, and sold one on FurBid with a drawing of a character with the whip) fuzzy handcuffs, a ball gag, one of my four collars, and a chain leash.

So there you go. :) Hope that satisfies your curiosity. ;)
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