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Okay. Even though a few people have advised me against apologizing on my own journal, I feel the need to clear the air about a few things, or I’m going to feel like an absolute shithead for the rest of the evening… maybe even longer.

I’m sorry if anyone took my last entry personally. It was meant as a general, public message, not aimed at anyone in specific. I also probably should have explained my last post in a bit more detail.

I use messengers. Not very often, as far as my Public lists go, (because I don’t really have much time, lately) but when I get on my General list, it MEANS that I actually DO want to talk with people. That’s why I sign onto my JessieTwolf name. To talk to people.

The list I was talking about in my last post was my PRIVATE list. This list is restricted either to people I know in real life, folks I’m pretty darn close with, or other artist friends of mine who I talk to on occasion. Now, the folks on this list know me pretty well. They know the moods I tend to get into for the most part, and know what bothers me. My friends will message me, and that’s fine, if they have something they’d actually like to talk about. I like talking to people. I like talking to people more when I’m not busy. O.o For the past couple of months I’ve been busy with finishing up my last few commissions, and now that they’re done, I’ve started working on original art to try and sell at Anthrocon. The people on my Private list KNOW this. I’ve told everyone. I’ve said to people, if I don’t seem very chatty, it’s because I’m working on art. I’ll chat with you for a bit, but don’t mind if I’m a bit idly, I’ll get to you eventually.

Often times I’ll go on Away, so that people KNOW I’m busy, and they won’t IM me. This never works. I still get IM’s, and then I stupidly go to see what the person wants, end up coming off of Away, then other people see that as a sign I’m ready to chat, and half a dozen people jump me before I have the chance to go back onto Away. Now, I know it’s not their fault. How are they supposed to know I don’t want to talk? Other than the fact that I’ve kindly told folks not to constantly IM me, unless they actually have something to talk about… or the fact that I just don’t really have much to say at the time. I’m mostly getting annoyed with the people that IM me, only to ask, “What’s up?” when they KNOW what’s up. I’m working… THAT is what’s up. And then they just stop talking to me all together. It’s annoying. >.<

People have also told me if I’m annoyed with getting IMed every two seconds, then why not just go offline? I find this to be very insulting, as it’s MY messenger, and I shouldn’t have to log off, just so that people will stop poking me at inappropriate times. >.< I keep my messenger on, because I tend to keep an eye out for certain individuals to come online. I’m going through a phase where I only really want to talk to certain people in specific lately. I’m not trying to be mean here, but everyone goes through these weird moods from time to time… only I’ll get a ton of people jumping down my throat about it because I’m being mean and unfair, and unreasonable. :/

AIM now apparently comes with an Invisible feature, which I thought was great! Until a few people started figuring out that I was hiding a lot, and they IMed me anyway. :/ And unlike ICQ, where you can set it so that only certain people can see you while you’re on Invis, AIM doesn’t do that. Or at least not to my knowledge. >.< This makes it kind of hard when people you actually want to talk to come online. I’ve had a few friends poke their nose online, look around, and see I’m not there, and so they log off, before I have the chance to IM them to let them know I’m hiding. Hence why I don’t much like using the Invisible feature on AIM. :/

Again, my last post was not meant at anyone directly. It was just an overall vent of what I’ve been feeling lately, although I guess I could have thought about how to word it better, before just posting it online. But certain things affect us all. I had a particularly bad day yesterday, and all of the constant IM’s, when I really didn’t feel like talking to a ton of people, after TELLING people this many times already, just kind of made me snap, and I had to vent out my frustrations.

So again, sorry if I offended anyone. Please don’t take it personally. I’m not saying NEVER message me again, ever. I’m just asking if folks could please just let up a little bit, and not bombard me with messages every two minutes. X.x That’s all. This is not a forever thing. I’ve just not been feeling very sociable this week, and I need a little bit of space.
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