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Fuckin' Eh!

Ever have one of those days where you just wish the whole fucking world would leave you the hell alone? Only instead of a day, it lasts like... a whole week or more? *smirks* For GOODNESS SAKE PEOPLE!! _STOP_ jumping on me every two bloody seconds!! X.x EVERY second I'm not on Away over my IMs, a ton of people message me. I do NOT feel like talking! I'm TRYING to get artwork done so that I actually have something to sell at AC. >.<

And people have said to me, "Then why not just log off your IMs?" Cos it's *my* IM, that's why! I don't HAVE to log off if I don't want to! Hell, maybe I'm waiting for certain specific people to get online that I actually DO need to talk to. Maybe I just don't feel like talking to EVERY single person on my list at the moment!

I'm sorry to be such a bitch right now, but I've just not been in a really chatty mood lately, and I hate it when people bug me while my AWAY message is up, and I come offline to talk to them, and then they stop talking to me, and fifty million other people message me instead. *flattens her ears* >.< Unless you have something important to say, PLEASE leave me alone!! If I wanna talk to you, I'll message YOU.

*stomps off and mutters*
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