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Work And Art!

Well, I’ve been at my job for almost two weeks now, and so far they’re telling me that I’m doing a really good job! :) Pretty much all I do is basic Kennel and cleaning work. Spray and wipe out cages and counters, clean out litter pans. Vacuum and mop. Take out garbage, do laundry and dishes. Feed the animals, give meds if they need it, and help the vet hold a cat once in a while. And then once those major jobs are done, I just have to look for busy work… like… wash windows or walls, or fold empty boxes. Just do anything to look busy.

Apparently the last girl that worked Kennel before me never got anything done. I don’t know just how that’s possible, considering I usually can’t find ENOUGH things to do. O.o Going into work right now is, well, boring because things have been so very slow in the office lately. It’s a chore just trying to FIND chores to do for three hours every night. In fact the receptionists get so bored they start doing MY jobs, cos they have nothing else to do. X.x It’s like, dude! Don’t do MY work! _I_ need to do my work, or I’ll have nothing else to do!

I’m not really complaining… it’s a GREAT job. Easy work and I don’t have anyone hassling me every two minutes. I can work at my own pace, and that’s exactly what I’m NOT used to. I worked at a vet clinic once before, but since it was also a dog boarding and grooming facility, it was busy ALL of the time. Busy to the point where I actually had an anxiety attack once and had to go home early. And if you got caught even for a second NOT doing work, you’d get in trouble. They actually fired me from that job because I just couldn’t keep up the pace, although my manager was actually crying when she told me, because she really liked me. I’ve known many other people since who’ve either been fired from that place for the same reason, or they quit because they just couldn’t handle the strain anymore.

But this place is like… my goodness, it’s so laid back, and I’m still paranoid from working at the last vet clinic. I keep feeling like I HAVE to be doing something constantly, because if I’m not working I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble. Damn conditioning. :/ I like my new job though, but I think I’ll be a bit relieved once it actually starts getting busy again.

Other than that, I’ve been somewhat productive lately. Finally made myself a business card to advertise my website. :) Printed out 100 of them, and will have them at the table with me at Anthrocon.


I’ve also started working on the design for my website’s new layout, cos the old one was driving me nuts (plus I really can’t stand that shade of green). >.< Hope to have the new layout up a bit before AC. And I still have to get cracking on the good copy of nauta’s commission (I haven’t forgotten about you!). Then once all of that is out of the way, I can finally start working on my own artwork again! I won’t be taking anymore commissions until AC, (and after AC) just because I really need to spend this month creating some original art to try and sell at the con.

Thanks to everyone who’s been helping to support me with my moving fund over the past couple of months. I REALLY appreciate it! *bounces and feels so loved* ^^ Seven months is going to go by in no time. ~.~
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