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So, on Wednesday night I went to slinky_treecat's place for a little visit, since gideon_hoss and astor_apatosaur were in town. :) They're SOOO nice!!! ^^ *wags* And I got to do artage in Gideon's sketchbook, (I actually drew something I LIKED... been experimenting with Hyper Fur pics lately) and in return he did a cute pic of my wolfy self in my little con book. :) Hee. I love meeting new artists and drawing with folks. ^^ I'm going to do a proper trade with the hoss after AC sometime, and also wanna make Astor some gift art at some point too. :) Also got to hang out with the torrle woof! I missed the woofy!! Heheh... poor sunburned woofy. ;)

I'm expecting more visitors on Monday too. New friends of mine, and recently married couple, nalakd and betamantis are making their move into Canada, and will be (hopefully) passing through Toronto on their way to Ottawa. Good luck with your move you guys! I hope you are able to get across the border without any trouble. X.x Stupid Border Police. >.<

Silly Quote Of The Day:

2: You are a gay guy. You're a gay guy with a female body. :>
Me: *LOL* I so am. :-D Maybe that's why you dig me so much.
2: It could be one reason. I dig you cause you're you! :>

Hope you're having fun at Califur, sweetie! ^^ *sends hugs out to her Gryphy!*
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