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The Ultimate Evil

My sister presented me with some rather bad news last night. Apparently one of my old Art teachers has been diagnosed with Cancer and is in the hospital. :/ Of course when I heard this, I tried calling the school to find out if a) it was true, and b) if this was the case, was there any possible way I could get any information on which hospital she's in so that I could visit.

But they said they're not allowed to give out confidential information. *flicks her ears* Which I do understand, and actually expected. But at the same time, it pisses me off because the thought of my old teacher on her deathbed, and me not even being able to go visit her, has kinda gotten me all worked up.

So since the office wouldn't help, I've been trying to get ahold of my old guidance councelor, because he knows me well and has always liked me. I figure maybe he can get the info and pass it on to me. I even e-mailed my old English teacher today and asked her if she could find out anything.

One stupid thing is that I can't even GO to the school and talk to them personally, because I can get fined for Tresspassing, because I'm no longer a student there. *smirks* I really hope I can find out something soon. :/ I lost my first mate to Cancer and I never even got a chance to say good bye. I don't want the same thing to happen with my teacher. >.
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