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I Got The Job!!!

It’s official! I am now an employed wolfy! ^^ I had my trial day today. Went in for a few hours and got shown the ropes, and I'm going in again at 10am this morning. It’s pretty straightforward work, mostly cleaning, feeding and medicating the animals, and helping out the vet if she should need it. The hours aren’t very much… about 18 hours a week, and they’re starting me off at $7.15, but I can get a raise after three months. So at least I’ll still have plenty of time for my art, and this will help me save up a bit more for my move next year. They’ve also already given me the time off for Anthrocon too, so I’m happy! ^^

Went out tonight with pat_the_fox and iron_raptor, to potoroo’s place for an art jam. I missed going to the roo’s house. Feel like I haven’t been there in ages, but he said he’s going to try to hold another one in two weeks or so. Hung out a bit with ashbearfox, grimal, and Ferris, and looked through their artwork. :} Also got to talk with silfur and verec which is always nice. ^^ And wily (Kitty!) was there! He’s got some godly paws. ;) Murrr! And as always, I spent most of the evening bouncing around and mushing about my sweetheart, than really getting any actual drawings done. I promise I will next time! I was just having way too much fun to sit still. :) Furry social nights make this little wuff happy. ^^ *wags* We should have them more often.

Anyway, bed time. Nighty!
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