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Holy Crap, My Eyes!!


It blinds!! Gah... >.<

So I went in for my interview today. I think it went well. Hopefully I'll get a call to confirm weather or not I got the job within the next couple of days.

I also went to the Optometrist for an eye exam today. I hate being blind. Apparently though my prescription hasn't changed TOO much... only about a quarter lense change for each eye... though I think my right eye is a bit worse than my left one. They also put those drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils. Except they put a bit too much in my right eye, so by the time I got home I still had this one HUGE dilated pupil, while the other one had already started to go back down. It looked freaky. :-P

Hrmmm... Trying not to think so much about a certain issue that's come up. I hate it when I'm somehow the reason for dispute. :/ Or part of it anyway. I don't like it when people get upset over things that don't really NEED to be so upsetting... If things can be fixed, I would love to just try to help make everyone happy. :/ *flicks her ears*
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