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So iron_raptor and I went out to the Civic Center today, because they were holding a job fair! Blue and I saw it being advertised when we went last Wednesday to drop off her passport papers (finally!). I touched up my resume a bit, and put out about eleven today, including one for a position as an art instructor for a recreation center. I dunno if it’s too much to hope for, but I SO hope I can get that job! I am so very qualified for it!!

Today's been fairly productive, I think. Raptor's going to stay over so we can listen to 2_gryphon's phone interview on tonight at 9pm. :)

I was going to try to get a few more pieces done for FurBid, for once my current auction closes. But I figure FurBid will be dead by the next couple of weeks anyway, because people will be saving up for Anthrocon. So I think I'll just spend the rest of this month and next month working on new original pieces to try to sell at my table (ugh... table... *nervous!*).

In the meantime, I'm going to finish up a watercolor piece for my mom's friend's birthday, and then get on my commission sketches. Yay for artage! ^^ *wags*
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