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Awww Crap...

Okay, it would seem that my Male Jessie auction is doing rather well... except for the fact that my current bidder, Panthertaur, has been known to not pay for his winning auctions. :/ I've had him win a piece from me in the past that he never did pay for, and so I'm rather wary of his current status on my auction. So, I decided to send him a message, since he is actually listed on my ICQ. But I guess he didn't get it, so I sent him an e-mail today as well:

I sent this message to your ICQ last night, but just in case you didn't get it, I'm sending you an e-mail as well:

"I noticed you placed a bid on my piece? No offence... but the last time you placed a bid on one of my works, you never paid for it. :/ And I REALLY can't afford to be screwed around with payment this time around hon. I need to save up to move in a short while, so if you're not serious about this bid, and if you don't actually have the funds for it, like, NOW, I'll ask that if you do get outbidded, you please not re-bid for this item.

Please don't take offence. If it's any consolation, I WILL have this drawing up on my website eventually, with my next update, so you could always save it to your hard-drive. Just please understand that if you seriously want the original of this piece, you'll have a week to send your payment, if you do win the auction. Nothing more. Otherwise the person who bid before you gets it. Just fair warning."

I'm guessing you didn't get that first message, as I see you've bid a second time. If you get outbidded again, PLEASE do NOT re-bid. If you'd like, I'll gladly sell you a high-res print on photo paper for $10. But I seriously cannot take chances that you might not pay for this item again, and I can't wait around for payment. This is your last warning.


I would just like to say thank you to spikedpunch for making the effort to outbid Panthertaur for me. Hon, if someone else doesn't outbid him by the end of the auction, you'll most likely win it anyway. :-P *hugs and thanks you for your help*

On the plus side, I now have three new commissions to work on. :) If things keep up like this, I'll actually be able to make my goal for December! ^^ *wags*
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