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I Feel Special. :}

Yee! Got gift art from starwind_2x.

Heheh... Yeah, I can get that mean. *GRIN* Murrr. Thank you hon! *hugshugs* I should really finish designing my website's new layout, so that I can get Wookiee to upload all the cool new gift arts I've been getting from people. Yay! I like gift art. ^^ *wags*

Also, just a note to anyone out there who reads my Journal, I won't be doing anymore gift art or trades for a little while. I really need to just concentrate on making art to sell so that I'll actually be able to move to the NARFA Cube by January. I have to somehow come up with a few grand before then, and with work being EXTREMELY hard to find here still, so far the only income I'm making pretty much comes from my art alone. X.x NEED to find job! >.< So yeah, I'll be taking commissions like mad!! Want a commish, just e-mail me at

Two months left til Anthrocon, and I only have one original piece to sell. Need to get cracking. *scribblescribble*
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