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Family Entertainment??

Hahaha!!! OMG!! The Muppet Show is SO very wrong!

Today’s special guest was Raquel Welch, and she came complete with skimpy outfits and sexy dances. :-P She made Jessica Rabbit look TAME. And I could have sworn I heard all the male Muppets sproinging boners. (O.o)

They had one scene where she was practically feeling up a rather panic-stricken Fozzy, while singing some song that made him stammer. At the end of it, Fozzy was like, “Ohhh Raquel! Ohh Raquel! I feel so confident now! You’ve made a real Bear out of me!” (I’m not shitting you… this is actually what he said.) To which she then said, “Hey Fozzy, do you, um, want to come up to my dressing room… for a… cup of tea?” His reply, “…Can I bring a friend?”

The duet with Ms. Piggy, with their matching revealing white tuxedo outfits, was rather interesting as well. :) “Cos I’m a, Woman! W-O… M-A-N! Gonna say it again!”

Gods, I love the Muppets. ;) And just the fact that they play this on the Christian Television Service makes it that much more evil. :-P
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