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Black Rubber Spikes

Today I went to Downtown Toronto with pat_the_fox to do some shopping. Despite not having much money, we ended up scampering along the Goth district of Queen St. West. And I got a new collar!!! Custom made, dammit! :-P I was getting sick of getting hassled at the fucking border about my TINY little spikes on my red leather collar, and they said, "don't bring it across Customs next time, or we'll have to confiscate it, because they're now illegal to own in Canada." I asked the guy, "So why is it that my friend can go across wearing literally five pounds of chains hanging off her pants, but I can't go with a tiny spiked collar?" He said, "Cos you can wrap it around your knuckles and punch people with it."

Hello!!! I'm a 5 foot nothing, 85 pound, scrawny-ass stick figure of a girl! I'm a weakling!! Even if I DID decide to punch someone with my “dangerous” spiked collar, they would barely feel the blow! X.x I could do more damage with the sharp, pointy pencil crayons in my backpack! I could stab people in the eye with those! But anyway, I got my new collar made from the same color red leather, only with slightly bigger black rubber spikes. ;) I LIKE it! And now when I go through Customs, they can EAT me, because it's NOT metal!

Bastards... (No, I'm not bitter... really.) >.<

After that, we were supposed to drive out to Spencer's Glow, cos Pat wanted to get some shinies, but he got called at the last second to drive all the way back to Mississauga to drop his mom and little sis off at some practice thingy. Which kinda sucked, cos it ruined our plans for the rest of the night. :/ After getting stuck in heavy traffic, we ended up going back into TO, as Pat was determined to get to Spencer's before it closed. And we rushed all that way only to find out that the store was no longer in business. >.< Poor foxie. He was so upset. No shiny glowy things today. We'll find a store that carries shinies for you soon, Pat. :) *hugs*

The rest of the night we spent shopping at Staples, cos I needed more ink cartridges for my printer. I also figured though, as long as I was there, I may as well pick up the stuff I'd need to get together for Anthrocon, like badge holders, and glossy print paper, and stuff. So I owe Pat like $40 now, but that was all money I would have ended up using for that kinda stuff sooner or later anyway. Thankfully Calvin's owner will be paying me again this Sunday.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed now.
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